About Graham Insurance Agency

My belief in the importance of health and life insurance is based on personal experience.

While in my twenties, I was married to a young executive who was diagnosed unexpectedly with cancer.  The efforts of eleven doctors of various types failed to arrest the course of his illness.  Within sixty days, my young husband died, leaving enormous medical & hospital bills behind.  Fortunately, we had group health insurance through his employer which covered the majority of the medical expenses.  Life insurance proceeds covered the remainder of the costs and helped me get started with another life.

Since then, I have been convinced that we all need health insurance in place.  Life insurance can also be of great benefit when the unexpected occurs.  I began my business by focusing primarily on selling group health insurance, with additional life, dental, and vision benefits.  As the years passed, I watched our parents deal with complicated Medicare choices and decided to become certified to sell Medicare supplement policies.  I also insure those who want to purchase individual health policies for themselves and their families including Covered California, the state health insurance exchange through which you have access to potential tax rebates to subsidize insurance premiums.  Through professional channels and continuing education, I keep up with the constant changes in the health & life insurance industry. 

Please let me know how I can assist you in selecting the sort of coverage that will best suit your current needs as they change over the course of a lifetime